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Dr. Brandynicole Brooks, LICSW

Founder & Executive Director

In her efforts to heal and find support after her personal experience of pregnancy loss, Dr. Brooks discovered a gap in resources available to Black women who had experienced pregnancy and infant loss. While, support is not about race, the experience of pregnancy and infant loss can be lonely and oftentimes parents and families yearn to feel less alone by seeing others who look like them reaching out for and obtaining support.

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Jessica Canty, LICSW

Board Member

I experienced pregnancy loss and have a host of family and friends who have as well. I want to ensure I am apart of a team who wants to decrease the infant mortality rate, support women and families in
their grieving process, and influence policies that impact change.

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Natalie Craver

Board Member

As I have learned of the story and journey that lead to the creation of Sleep Sweet Junebug, I am so passionate to support this work and this mission. Personally, I have been a friend and confidant to too many who have experienced both pregnancy and infant loss. Knowing what my friends and family have gone through, I feel deeply committed to being a part of this organization and using all of my skills to further the growth of this organization.

Sy Harris, MSW, MS

Board Member

Social Media Manager

Sleep Sweet Junebug, Inc has touched a special place because someone I hold close experienced
a loss. That loss has remained a constant  memory and pain that has not found adequate support. This organization will be a great platform to support other mothers who have experienced loss and not feel alone, and I want to be part of that change.

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Dawn Prather, LICSW, LCSW-C

Board Member

As a woman, I feel it is my duty to show up for,
and stand in solidarity with, other women in need. I believe that we are all interdependent and therefore responsible for one another. As my sister's keeper, supporting Sleep Sweet Junebug, Inc. will provide me with an opportunity to demonstrate that sentiment through action. Also, one of my greatest passions is serving the Black community. While I understand that Sleep Sweet Junebug, Inc.'s focus is not on serving the minority community specifically, I am also aware that Black women are more than twice as likely to experience pregnancy and infant loss than our Hispanic and white counterparts.

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Dr. Tiffany Taft

Board Member

While there are several resources around perinatal support, this organization will specifically support families around perinatal mental health and doula services to families that may find themselves in need of ways to navigate and heal during their time of loss. I am a pregnancy and infant loss advocate and come to this work after years or growth and evolution from my own story.

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Erin Teagle, MA

Board Member

Although I have not experienced pregnancy or infant loss, I desire to support those who have. As a communication and brand strategist, it is my hope to use these skills contribute to the overall success of the organization. Specifically, to promote awareness, in effort to increase the likelihood that families receive the support they deserve and need.

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